Christmas Time is Here!

After the leaves have fallen and the temperature drops, thoughts of Christmas start dancing in our minds. Christmas garlands, lights, decorations, mistletoe hanging, holiday greetings, music in the air, and the smell of chestnuts roasting overthe fire are the elements associated with celebrating Christmas. These elements create a warm and familiar atmosphere which everyone loves.

According to a survey in France ,the favorite holiday to celebrate is Christmas. Eighty-seven percent of people view the way they celebrate Christmasas a holiday is through the traditions passed down from generations; and that time spent with family is a rarity of celebration. Christmas Eve brings everyone back together as one family which allows you to re-live your cherished childhood memories. Most people surveyed consider the Christmas celebration asthe nativity scene, the birth of Jesus Christ. A higher percentage of people stated that the factuality of the religious origin of Christmas should be taught to children regardless of their personal religious beliefs.

So, what really happened on that first 25th of December?


The birth of Jesus is traditionally celebrated on the 25th of December, but most Christians don’t consider this to be the actual day Jesus was born. They choose to celebrate the event of Jesus’ birth on this day rather than the actual day of His birth. While there are many opinions as to why we celebrate on this day, the historical accuracy to be celebrated is perceived a lesser detail. There is no Biblical text stating the exact day or year of Jesus’ birth; however, there are parts of the Bible that speak to the timing of His birth (i.e. the flocks of sheep were outside in the fields along with the shepherds). With this information, we can therefore deduce that the time of Jesus’ birth was not in winter. Regardless of when it was, it did happen!

This historical event happening over 2,000 years ago started the personal relationship between God and man. Since then it has impacted and changed the lives of billions of men and women.

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